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If you come here looking for information about a female rapper/DJ called Virginia – well, you’re out of luck buddy (please note: I don’t know if such a person exists). This is a site about the great state of Virginia, and I’m hoping to develop into a real resource that will cover a whole slew of stuff – everything from arts and culture, food and wine, to architecture and the Virginia countryside. Basically, what I really love my home state, and I wish it’d get more respect on the national stage – New York and California get plenty of play, Texas is known for oil and barbecue, Maine has lobster and Louisiana has New Orleans. Virginia on the other hand is primarily known as the State that’s near D.C – hardly anybody knows anything about the state, and to me that’s a real shame.

So, I guess what I’m trying to do with this site is what the Virginia Tourism board wants to do – get people excited about Virginia, regardless of whether they’re locals or visitors. I want to point out cool/unique things that you can only find here and talk about the stuff that sets Virginia apart from the 49 other states.

So, if you’re visiting Virginia soon or you’re a local who’s just interested in reading about local events, and arts/culture/food stuff, keep checking back. I don’t know exactly how often I’m going to post but I hope to do so on at least a semi-frequent basis.

Stay tuned, because this is Virginia Beats.

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