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People in Virginia are Fitness Conscious, Be One of Them

CrossFit Training Push Ups

CrossFit Training Push Ups

Based on the ranking of the states with the least obese people in the entire United States, Hawaii ranks first with just 19%. It might be because of the nature of the lifestyle in the island. People are always outdoors and so they tend to exercise their muscles more. The jobs available are also usually related to physical activities. Though quite far behind, Virginia is still in the middle of the pack. With only 27.2% obesity rate, it is pretty clean that the people of Virginia put a lot of emphasis on their health.

If there is evidence aside from this statistics, it is the growing number of cross fit gyms in the state. Though this challenge is becoming popular all over the country, it has caught up easily among the people of Virginia. It could be because of the nature of the challenge. It is intense and the results are seen right away. In contrary, Virginia’s neighbor, West Virginia, is at the bottom of the list. It is second to the last with 34.3% obesity rate, just a rank higher than Mississippi.

When you move to Virginia, you might also be challenged to live a healthier lifestyle. Aside from the growing number of gyms, you will also be inspired by how people live their lives. Before you know it, you have already enrolled in the nearest cross fit center and get on with the challenge.

Gearing up for the cross fit challenge

To begin with, you need to prepare yourself for this intense challenge. You can start by doing warm up exercises. You should also get used to cardio exercises. Take note that cross fit is very intense and it could literally take your breath away. Therefore, you need to control your breathing well and use your energy wisely.

When your body has fully adjusted, the next step is to buy the right gear for cross fit. Your next move it to look for best shoe for crossfit. There are specific types of shoes designed just for cross fit. You cannot wear ordinary shoes since they won’t protect you. Again, cross fit can cause great impact and might be harmful to your body. It could lead to injuries. With the right footwear, you avoid all these accidents. If you worry because of tight budget, then you can check out affordable best crossfit shoes.

Changing your habits

Cross fit alone won’t be enough to help you achieve your goals. If you want to be healthy, then you need to be healthy inside out. You should also watch what you eat. Though there are a lot of fast foods in Virginia, there are also a lot of organic shops and vegetarian restaurants. After hitting the gym, you can treat yourself by heading to these restaurants. You won’t feel guilty eating a lot because you know you are taking the right kind of food.

It is inspiring to see the people of Virginia taking on the cross fit challenge. You can do the same thing and see a better you.

Everything that’s going on in Virginia


Hi all,

I’m hoping to develop this site into basically a lifestyle hub for everything to do with Virginia. I hope to cover everything from lifestyle stuff, restaurants, bars and other nightlife. Music, culture and arts, and even outdoors stuff like hunting and fishing in the area. I love this state – and I want to turn this site into a resource for both locals and visitors to the great state of Virginia.

So, what makes me love Virginia so much. First and foremost I was born and raised here, so that’s one obvious reason. But beyond that, I just feel like Virginia has a lot to offer – obviously, it has a rich history, and is and always will be tied to the American history.That also ties into the architecture that you can see around the state – I don’t think any other state has as many well preserved buildings with colonial architecture. We also have a great food culture – obviously, Virginia ham is a well known specialty and is beloved both by locals and by folks in other states, but beyond that, we also have amazing sausages and a bunch of rich, hearty comfort food traditions that outsiders might not know but that locals cherish (everyone should try shoofly pie, it’s crazy good)

We also have a rich tradition of producing great musicians – with country music, this great state has produced notables as Patsy Cline, and the (pretty old school) Statler brothers and Carter Family. Outside of country, the great state of Virginia has also produced Jazz legend Ella Fitzgerald, hip hop/RnB aritsts like Timbaland, Missy Elliot, and music industry legend Pharrell. Jason Mraz, the Dave Matthews band, and Dave Grohl (of the Foo Fighters) all have roots in Virginia as well. We also always have stuff going on in the state in term of concerts and smaller performances – the official Virginia website is great for updates on this front.

Then we have the outdoors. Hunting and fishing in Virginia is probably one of the most satisfying and fulfilling experiences you can get anywhere in the country. We have some really incredibly natural scenery that will take your breath away, and even if you don’t like hunting or fishing, just taking a stroll through the countryside or going on a hike can be really rewarding.

As you can probably tell, I really love this state, and no, I don’t work for the Virginia Tourism board. I just loved growing up here, and I continue to love living here, and I wish that the state would get more recognition as both a great place to visit and an amazing place to live. It offers an excellent balance of everything – no matter what you’re into, you’ll be able to find it here.

So, if you’re a local looking for stuff to do around the state or in your city specifically, or if you’re a planning a visit to Virginia in the near future – be sure to check back here. We don’t have a lot of stuff up yet, but I’m hoping to turn this site into a real resource for anyone looking for stuff to do in the state, and I’ll try to add content on a pretty regular basis to keep abreast of everything that’s going on here.

This is Virginia Beats.