My Nurse Friend is in Town

I had a friend from college, Shawn, who came into Richmond the other day. He is going to be moving down here for next couple months because of work. He is a travel nurse and gets to work all over the country. He has been doing this for years and makes over $100,000 per year. The companies he works for always cover is moving costs and give him short term housing allowance.

Travel make an average of $85,000 per year. Coming out of school, they are set to make a salary of just under $70,000. That is a nice chunk of change. These nurses get paid very well because there are not enough of them hospitals at the moment. Until the labor market catches up to the demand, these high salaries will not change.

Sometimes he gets me thinking this. “Gee. What did not I get into that.” When we were in college, I used to make fun of him by saying nursing was only for girls. He got the last laugh. He got a good job out of college and makes more money now than most people I know. He has got the right idea and applaud him for sticking to what wanted despite the criticism.

Anyway, he came to town and I wanted to introduce him properly to my home state — Virginia. I took him out for barbecue and beer at my favorite restaurant in the area. He loved it and now understands why people are so overweight in Virginia. It is because they have great food and little self-control. That is usually a disastrous combination.

Shawn was more surprised by the number of overweight people he had seen so far in Virginia. Shawn is originally from northern New Jersey. People are a lot thinner in the northeast region of the United States. I do not know why the northeast has less fat people than in Virginia. Don’t we all eat the same food? I guess not.

Shawn has seen a good portion of the United Stated in his eight years as a travel nurse. I asked him if Virginia stood out to him somehow. He was shocked about how big the difference in culture was once you leave Northern Virginia. A 45-minute drive south of DC, people start having thick country accents. Gas prices fall by 30 cents. Everything is cheaper. There are Waffle House restaurants everywhere. It is crazy.

Other than that, he is adjusting well. He figured out his was around the city. The also has a cheap place right outside the heart of the city. Shawn is doing pretty well for himself. I would just urge to watch this political views. He could really tick off the wrong people with that liberal jargon he tells everyone else once in awhile. Nonetheless, Shawn will be here for a little while longer so he will have plenty to grow.

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